10 Hidden Gems On Steam


Steam is a wonderful gaming experience as it allows us to play all manner of games that we normally wouldn’t get our hands on otherwise.

1. Breath of Death VII: The Beginning

You play as the skeleton Dem, enlisted by Sara the ghost, in order to find out the truth of their undead world! Very funny, quirky and old-school RPG.

2. To The Moon

There is not enough room to speak of all that this game encompasses. Suffice it to say it is a gripping, touching story of an old man’s dream that will remain with you long after you’ve beaten it.

3. Papers, Please

You play an immigration officer and inspect papers in order to find out their discrepancies. It sounds simple, but for those of us with an Ace Attorney background it’s delicious fun.

4. Fortix

A new spin on an old game leaves you yearning for the good old days. The gameplay is taken from Qix, at its base, but is truly in a world of its own.

5. Rogue Legacy

I picked this up on a whim and it has since become my life. Heralding to Symphony of the Night, the action-RPG game-play, music and storyline will keep you coming back long after your legacy is completed.

6. Hoard

You play a dragon who terrorizes the countryside, building up his lair, and destroying all your foes in single and multi-player. There really isn’t anything not to love about this game.

7. Guns of Icarus

Guns of Icarus puts you in the role of a single crewmember of four. Your crew has one pilot, one gunner and two engineers, giving everyone a pivotal role. Communication is key, and fully necessary.

8. Cthulhu Saves the World

From the creators of Breath of Death, Cthulhu Saves the World takes it one step further in wacky, nostalgia RPG goodness. In all respects it is an improvement over its predecessor.

9. Don’t Starve

Taking a survival game to a whole new level, Don’t Starve puts you in a fantastical wild world where you must survive by your own wits… before you lose them to the insanity of the world.

10. Thomas Was Alone

I never thought I would end up caring about jumping, talking rectangles but Thomas Was Alone proved me wrong. Extremely solid story-telling take this game far above where its graphics would leave it otherwise.

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