6 Best Movies Based On Video Games


No doubt that with the success of the gaming industry, movies would want to be made based on them.

Over the years, there have been many adaptations, some were more successful while others not so much.

Many of them you already know, but some of the more secretive ones or fan movies you could have missed. Here are 6 of the gems out there.

1. Mega Man (Fan Film)

This being a fan film is the only reason of its low position on the list. Despite that, the film is actually quite well done and captures the essence of the Mega Man games.

Interestingly enough, it uses the Western version of the plot with Wily and Light being former partners.

The quality of the camerawork and the visual effects is not so great, but this is to be expected with these fan films. What’s important is that it has a heart.

2. Tekken: The Motion Picture

This is for the animated picture before I have a stampede on my hands.

While it had some pitfalls, overall it was a strong movie that really conveyed the sense of Tekken through its picture.

Regardless, it didn’t hit the same problems that Super Mario Bros. and Double Dragon did. We keep waiting for some of the big studios out there to pick up a reboot of this franchise.

3. Resident Evil

The Resident Evil movies certainly would have been more interesting with Chris Redfield or Leon S.

Kennedy in the lead role, but Alice does all right.

The movies are action-heavy and provide a bit of the dark atmosphere that the Resident Evil games are known for.

Awesome visual effects along with a super hot lead resulted in huge ratings and a lot of profit. This spawned several sequels and it shows no signs of stopping.

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