The 6 Greatest Legend Of Zelda Games

Zelda original

This particular topic is one that is hotly debated, and is often left up to opinion. I’ll keep my own out of it (as best I can) for a somewhat fair list.

1. The Legend of Zelda

I’m not sure how I could do this list and not include the predecessor of all of the followers.

The original NES title that started the craze and spawned the somewhat-disliked (but my favorite) Adventures of Link. Unless you possess immense patience…use a guide.

2. A Link to the Past

This is the game the breathed new life into the series after Adventures of Link and for a good reason.

The graphics were amazing for their time, the dungeons and world broad and full of exploration.

Truly a worthy successor, but we’re just getting started.

3. Wind Waker

Originally disliked due to the cartoony cel-shaded graphics, the dark overtones of the game coupled with its exploration quickly turned the nay-sayers quiet.

To be sure, this is a grand adventure with an incredible ending.

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