7 Best Settings/Atmospheres In Video Games


The worlds built by some games are truly amazing, or there’s just one area that is so striking compared to the rest that just sticks out in your mind when you recall it.

Here are our 7 choices, what would be yours?

1. Capital Wasteland (Fallout 3)

The Capital Wasteland is the first thing that you see upon leaving the Vault, and that initial experience is forever burned into many of our minds.

The sun is bright and just those first few steps where you look around and thing, “Well now what do I do?” Very well done.

They managed to sum up the entire Fallout 3 experience in that one region: loneliness, danger, excitement and of course freedom!

2. Arkham City (Arkham City)

The city itself in Arkham City was a labyrinthine maze of concrete and steel, and the foreboding feeling that suffuses the air around you as you skulk through the streets, avoiding the gangs as you try to track down your next target.

The overwhelming presence of the city itself makes it almost a character. Not just any character, but one of those lovable main ones that you fall in love with.

The setting of the game and that vibe that you feel while playing it is the number one reason for your subsequent return to it.

3. The Grandmapocalypse (Cookie Clicker)

Normally, I wouldn’t include a flash game in this, especially one like Cookie Clicker.

But if you’ve seen the Grand apocalypse happen, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The background shifts to old ladies which then become twisted, misshapen and… yeah.

It’s scary as all.

And this is that shift in the atmosphere that we were talking about in the beginning of the article, some parts of the game have so much better atmosphere then the others.

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