The 8 Hottest Women In Video Games


We know they’re just polygons, but we can’t help but let our eyes wander.

1. Rouge (Sonic Adventure 2)

Sonic characters would have to have found a way onto this list somehow. But only one of them is truly really ‘hot.’

Not only that, but she knows that gems are a girl’s best friend…and she’ll beat anyone’s face in that gets in her way.

2. Fran (Final Fantasy XII)

Somewhat more humanoid, but still retaining the animalistic bunny ears of her Viera race, Fran is one of those special cases.

The ones where you don’t want to admit to yourself that you’d like to wake up and tied up with her looming over you…

3. Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect 2)

Genetically engineered to be perfect, most of what we’ve seen of her in the games are the constant ass shots, but that’s okay.

It’s a genetically modified ass. Her prissy attitude can get in the way a bit, but those curves…

4. Ada Wong (Resident Evil 2)

All puns on her name aside, Ada is a woman that shares a trait with the next woman on our list.

We’ll let you guess in on the next point. Regardless, her ability to be where she needs to be with gun in hand while looking hot at the same time is excellent.

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