8 Most Badass Main Characters


There are a number of main characters in video games and each of them is (usually) awesome for their own reasons. But when looking at the best… that makes things more interesting.

1. Yuri Hyuga (Shadow Hearts)

Any hero who gets introduced to the player as “Rude Hero” before actually being named deserves an honorable mention. An anti-hero right from the start, Yuri does eventually come around and kind of wusses out later. But his initial character is still one of the best.

2. Gene (Godhand)

A man who lost his original arm, Gene acquired one of the “Godhands” and now has the power to become either god or demon. Add in the overly macho attitude and the fact that his sense of justice takes him far beyond mortal understanding, Gene is truly a hero for these troubled times.

3. Gordon Freeman (Half-Life)

A physicist who is forced to bear arms against the forces of an alien race, Gordon gets points alone for having balls of steel. With his trusty crowbar in hand, he beats the living tar out of anything in his way, containing the danger as best he can.

4. Snake (Metal Gear Solid)

Snake is a master of subterfuge, disguise, stealth and of course, killing. A bit more chatty than some of the others on this list, one of Snake’s more memorable moments comes when he has his headband of infinite ammo, reminding Raiden with a simple tap and smirk, and allowing the stealth master to shatter the fourth wall.

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