Chrono Trigger vs Chrono Cross – 7 Points Of Contest


Before I begin, let me clearly state that I love both games dearly. But it’s often stated that one is superior to the other so let’s take a look and see what we have available.

1. Tech System vs Grid System

The Tech system in Chrono Trigger is straight-forward: you gain abilities by defeating enemies, which can be combined with other characters for multi-attacks.

In Chrono Cross you get a much more in-depth customization as far as magic, but you lose many of the dual and triple techs. The winner in this department is unclear.

2. Elemental System

The Elemental system of Chrono Trigger was simply a fire/water/electric, with a combination “Shadow” element.

Chrono Cross modified it to the 6-way axis of white/black, red/blue and green/yellow, giving the battle system an interesting new twist as certain characters were inherently “better” against certain enemies.

3. Battle System

Chrono Trigger had the ATB, while Chrono Cross opted for a turn-based with a Stamina mechanic.

Overall, more strategy gets placed into Chrono Cross but it lacks the unique battle situations such as using elements against certain bosses to weaken/strengthen them that Chrono Trigger had.

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