Nintendo 3DS vs Playstation Vita On 6 Battlegrounds


As most know, these are the two dominant forces on the handheld gaming market.  But which comes out on top?  Let’s take a closer look…

1. Portability

In a portable game console, having a high level of portability is important. You want to be able to handle it without it dragging you down.

The Nintendo 3DS comes in a notch above in every category, having smaller dimensions and a lesser weight.

In addition, its screens stay on the inside when closed, so there is no fear of scratching them.

2. Sales

Well when it comes down to it, the one which sold more is the winner, right?  In this case, the 3DS wins by a landslide.

Nearly six times the sales of the PS Vita. Still, there has to be something to the Vita. Let’s keep looking.

3. Game Library

Here is a fairly good comparison. The Vita has more games available to the US market than the Nintendo 3DS, which gives it a serious edge.

However, the 3DS has access to the Virtual Console and the Nintendo eShop which is comparable to the Playstation Network. We’re starting to get closer here.

4. Display

Here is where the Vita starts to show off a bit more. The 3DS has dual screens, both of which are 400x240px which is fairly decent for a screen that small.

The Vita dominates that, however, with a 960x544px screen.

When it comes to display the Vita has it all in the bag.

5. Graphics

The graphics processor in the 3DS is a truly powerful single-core processor that is able to adapt on the fly to different input, making it ideal for its 3D performance.

However, the quad-core processor that’s found in the Vita is far more powerful.

I think we’re starting to see the differences here.

6. Power

In processor, RAM, and everything else, the Vita seems to have the Nintendo 3DS defeated.

When it comes down to it, when it comes to raw power, the Vita is your victor.

But the ease of portability and availability of games goes to the 3DS. Which is for you?  Let your inner gamer decide.

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