The 7 Greatest Weapons In Video Games


Roleplaying games have been known for their heroes, their stories and the worlds. But in some games, the weapons tend to define the characters more than their actions.

1. Bare Hands (Various) / Bear Hands (Tekken)

While it’s a list about weaponry, there is much to be said about the man who goes into battle with nothing more than his fists. That or being a giant bear. Thanks Kuma, you make the Tekken series single-pawedly awesome.

2. Whip Sword (Soul Calibur)

While this weapon has made its presence known in other media as well, none of them are wielded by a dominatrix-like woman. Regardless, the sheer versatility of the Whip Sword makes it an amazing weapon just by concept.

3. Hymir’s Finger (Drakkengard)

One of the few named weapons on this list…but it deserves special mention. The story of the weapon is that its owner had melted the armor of those he killed into the weapon and it continued to grow in size and weight. In-game, it’s by far the slowest weapon, but the power behind IT is leagues above anything else in the game.

4. Soul Reaver (Legacy of Kain)

The namesake of part of the series, and quite a few spoilers, the Soul Reaver is a weapon that, in the first game, would pretty much one-shot any enemy you strike with it as it ripped their soul right from their body. Pretty overpowered, but what you had to go through to get it? Totally worth it.

5. Ring Blade (Soul Calibur)

Yes, I already have a weapon from Soul Calibur on this list, but the Ring Blade is cool as hell. It’s very likely completely impractical but it is the coolest damn thing I have seen in a fighting game. How it’s used is also interesting, so despite its lack of unique properties, it being cool puts it at #3.

6. Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII)

How could we make a list about cool weapons and not include this? It’s iconic. It’s powerful. It’s also one of those weapons that would be almost impossible to wield, and the handle would probably break with one swing but… that intimidation factor is just immensely cool.

7. Master Sword (Legend of Zelda)

The Sword of Evil’s Bane. How much more do I need to say when it has a title like that? The weapon has been in nearly every title, save a scant few, and nearly all of them were an origin story about the blade, regardless. It’s arguably more important than Link himself and is the focal point of nearly every story. There’s a reason it’s called the Master Sword.

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