The 7 Most Popular Game Glitches


There are a number of little glitches throughout all manner of games and while they are (usually) frowned upon, they still often get used by all manner of players.

1. Wave Dashing

Popularized mostly in fighting games with a Dash feature like Super Smash Bros or Marvel vs. Capcom, the Wave Dash is just a simple dash cancel by crouching.

But the possibilities then extend as you can take nearly any action as it clears your action queue.

2. Instant Death

Mostly handled by RPGs, these find small holes of logic in the development in order to one-shoot most enemies. In Final Fantasy VI for example, Vanish made physical attacks impossible but made magic always hit, making Doom and X-Zone always work.

3. Clock Changes

Animal Crossing was the first real usage of this as you could switch your internal game clock and change it to whatever you wanted.

There was no limit to the number of Thanksgiving dinners you could have!

4. Item Duping

Again, more of an RPG glitch, there were often a number of ways to glitch your inventory to duplicate items either for usefulness with recovery items or for money in selling end-game weaponry, ninety-nine at a time.

5. Pause Glitch

While pause glitches are helpful in some games, in Mega Man the Thunder Beam becomes an impossibly dangerous weapon, even more so than the Metal Blades.

Every time you un-pause it deals its damage again.

6. Minus World

In the original Super Mario Bros, there was a glitch that allowed you to enter a level in which the ‘World’ indicator was blank, leaving you with “-1” as your current level.

Incredibly interesting and popular, it’s still shown off today.

7. Missingno

Anyone who’s played Pokémon knows of Missingno. The only ‘living glitch’.

He not only gives you a nigh-infinite number of your number 6 item, but also possesses two Water Gun attacks and can join your team.

Assuming he doesn’t destroy your save file, of course.

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