The 8 Best Super Mario Games


The pugilistic plumber has been in more games than probably any other character. But we took those aside, not counting his excellent appearance in Punch Out or Yoshi’s Cookie, but counting only the main games to see some of his better games.

1. Super Mario Bros 2

To some they may know this as Doki Doki Panic, which was then re-skinned as a Mario game. Still, despite how really weird this game was, it set several staples into the game such as Shy Guys, Birdo and other famous types.

2. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

The formula for the game was tried and tested by the time this came out, or it would have been higher on the list.

Still, when it comes to a four-player game that beats Mario Party, New Super Mario Bros.

Wii is an excellent addition to any collection.

3. Super Mario Kart

Some kids played F-Zero, but more kids played Super Mario Kart. The fast and furious bonanza that often came from the game made it far more than a simple racing game. Not to mention the howls of rage once you sniped someone with a turtle shell…

4. Super Mario World

One of the single greatest games, let alone Mario game, to grace the SNES, Super Mario World is a full package.

Large, sprawling levels, secrets, hidden treasures, bonus stages, the works. Virtually the epitome of what a platforming game should be.

5. Super Mario 64

The first foray into the three-dimensional world was a massive undertaking, and it turned out to be a powerful addition to the game series.

Replaying levels again to get all the stars and checking out all the new ones to save the Princess made for a good old time.

6. Super Mario Galaxy

Having entered with Super Mario 64 and then polished with Sunshine, they presented their new effective prowess by releasing Super Mario Galaxy which was a smashing success. Rosalina and her plight caught the attention of fans, both new and old, into this new world.

7. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

The Paper Mario series is the spiritual successor to Super Mario RPG, and without exception, the Thousand Year Door is the best one in the series.

Memorable characters, an amazing plotline and a fulfilling RPG experience all in one.

8. Super Mario Bros 3

Easily the best Mario game for the NES and to this day has enough power and refinement to match many SNES games of the same genre. Super Mario Bros.

3 is a testament to the power of the NES and its capability for presentation.

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