Translation Errors: The Top 7

Harvest moon 64

While they don’t much happen anymore, there was a time when the translation errors ran rampant, and every time they were hilarious.

Or sometimes just plain weird.

1. Natume (Harvest Moon 64)

On the Title Screen for Harvest Moon 64, there are not one, but two different errors.

The first is more obvious with the prompt of “push the start”.

But if one looks down below at the copyright, the company name is misspelled as Natume.

How…do you even do that?

2. A Winner is You (Pro Wrestling)

Many people use this phrase having seen it online here or there but aren’t really sure where it originated.

An answer is Pro Wrestling. Upon winning a match, the game would proclaim “A Winner is You”. It stuck.

In this sentance you can see the thinking process of the gamemakers back then. A _____ is ___, classic…

3. Donkey Kong’s name (Donkey Kong)

While there are those tout there that believe the giant Mario nemesis should have been Monkey Kong, in actuality the translation was meant for “stubborn ape”.

And with that being said, Donkey Kong was born.

This one’s easy to miss.

I mean we all grew up listening to that name: Donkey Kong, never ever wondering why?

Why’s he named Donkey, well I think you all know the answer, especially if you know who made the game.

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